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If you have landed on our site because your a/c or heating unit has developed a fault, don’t panic. We like to think that when it comes to Air Conditioning and Heater repair we provide the best service possible at the most reasonable cost.

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Buffalo Grove HVAC Repair


There seems to be some unwritten law of nature that ensures your unit breaks down at the worst time, either financially or during the middle of summer/winter when it is needed the most. As a company, rather than add to your worries, we take pride in resolving your problems with the minimum of mess and fuss.

Having workmen in your home is at the very least an inconvenience, and so we do everything possible to minimize the disruption. We only employ the very best staff, both regarding maintenance and customer service, and we place a lot of importance on leaving the home in a clean and tidy state when the job is completed. We like to ensure that you are happy with all the work before we leave the premises, and value the fact that the majority of our new work comes from personal recommendations, something which we feel vindicates our dedication to detail.

Once you contact us, we aim to respond within the hour, and it is always our goal if at all possible to complete the job in one visit. We will always give you a quote before starting work, and confirm with you that you are happy for the work to go ahead. When the work is completed, we will show you the parts that have been replaced, and explain the reasons why they were. This is important so that you fully understand and can see for yourself why the parts were required.


We also offer full ac install and heating service from start to finish, and we are more than happy to come to your property, complete a site visit and then give you a written quote. We do not believe in high-pressure sales techniques, and we will give you the quote and leave you in peace to make your decision. The quality of our work and reputation speaks for itself, and in our opinion, there is no sale worth besmirching our excellent reputation for.


We also offer a full maintenance program, which ensures that your unit continues to work at optimum performance levels for its lifetime. HVAC units are prone to a drop in performance, and regular servicing and maintenance will prevent that from happening. It is very much a case of prevention being better than cure. With our maintenance program, we can spread the cost of any work over a year and this, in turn, should help you avoid any expensive one off repairs.

We are a local company, and understand the importance of delivering the best service at the keenest prices. Because we are an independent company. we are flexible, and can respond to each situation individually. We have grown the business and our reputation by being reliable, efficient and always doing an excellent job. That is built into the DNA of our company, and will continue to drive us going forward. Whatever your hvac needs or requirements, feel free to pop into the store, or give us a call. You can be assured that we will do everything possible to ensure that you become the next customer to recommend our services.