A furnace clean and check, or tune-up is a great place to start when it comes to lowering your heating bill. A system that runs correctly and is in good shape will cost less than one that’s doing its job inefficiently, and it will be less likely to malfunction, often resulting in fewer repairs. Tune-ups are a good way to spot issues as well: a technician will look at your furnace and help you figure out what the problem is.
If your furnace has a problem, whether pointed out by an HVAC tech or one you noticed on your own, it’s important to repair it right away. Problems cost money to fix, but they’re also factors in high utility bills (If you’ve noticed a dramatic change in your utility bill from one month to the next, but you’re running the furnace the same, your system may be broken in a way that’s not otherwise apparent).
Repairs are also important because often small problems become big ones if left unchecked. These are the cases where you’ll really save money by getting it done as soon as you can. It’s a lot easier (and cheaper) to clear debris from an intake vent immediately than it is to wait months and then replace burned-up parts. We had a client once who knew their furnace had a problem, but since it still ran, they didn’t want to call someone to look at it. After a while, they finally called us in, and by that time they needed some serious repairs that could have been avoided.

It seems like we have talked a lot about replacing your old furnace this winter, but it can make a huge difference. It’s worth it to try other things first, but that old furnace is only going to work so well, even with professionals looking at it. There are a lot of benefits to replacing your furnace a bit early, but the most important one is that you’ll get to choose when to spend the money. If you wait until it dies on you, you may end up with an expensive replacement that can’t wait, at a time when it’s hard to pay for. And while there are usually financing options available, it’s best to plan ahead for that kind of expense.
Newer furnaces are incredible, and they work so much better than even last decade’s models. If the rest of your HVAC system is set-up right, a new furnace can mean great heat delivery for less money every month than your old model. In addition, newer furnaces have much longer life spans than furnaces of past decades and tend to be more reliable if serviced regularly and correctly.
If you are intrigued by new technology but not quite sold on a new furnace, we understand. It can be a big step to take, and there’s always cost to consider. For you, we might suggest a programmable thermostat that can track your habits and help you save money by only heating the house when it’s appropriate. These devices are quick to install and easy to learn to use, and you might be amazed at how much they can save you on your heating bill while still keeping you comfortable. So if you want to begin the year right, let Weather Control get you started saving money on heating bills.

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